Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than 10 people rent the house and do infants count as one of the 10 people?

Only 10 people can rent the home. The community rules allow 2 people per bedroom. Yes, infants count as one of the renters.

What should I bring? Where are the good restaurants and grocery store?

Before your stay, we will send you our digital house manual that will provide you with entry details and other house details.

Should I bring my own drinking water?

There is no need to bring your own water.  The house is equipped with a reverse osmosis system in the kitchen that can provide plenty of drinking water for your stay.

How many cars can we bring and park at the house?

3 cars total are allowed –  2 cars can park in the driveway and 1 in front of the house.

How many people can fit in the jacuzzi?

Eight people comfortably.

Can I bring pets??

No, renters are not allowed to bring animals. If you do, you will be asked to leave immediately without refund.