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Driving Directions

Take either Interstate 5 or Interstate 805 south towards the Mexico border.

Be sure you exit the freeway at Via San Ysidro, about one mile before the border, for a full tank of gas and Mexican auto insurance (or save time and money and buy it online at  At a minimum you will need liability.

As you cross the border you may be directed to a customs inspection area. Don’t be nervous. This is done at random. Just wind down the windows and let the official take a peek. They might want a look inside the trunk. This is quite normal. When they are satisfied that you have no guns or drugs in your car, they will wave you through.

Take the signs that say Rosarito/Ensenada Scenic Route.

Wind along 6 1/2 miles of road and you will come to the first toll booth where you will need to pay approximately (US) $2.30. This is a great road and well worth the bucks. 15 miles from that toll is another toll. There is a large Pemex gas station and 7/11 store in case you need gas or refreshments just prior to the toll booth.

8 short miles later you will come to an exit that says “Puerto Nuevo/Calafia.” Turn right so you are now heading north (the way you’ve come from) and drive for about one mile. You will see the entrance to Las Gaviotas on your left and Colectivo Surf Tasting Room and White Horse grocery store on your right. Present your Entry Form to the security guards and you are all set.

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